Book Review - Sinner by Lino Rulli

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Sinner by Lino Rulli
Sinner: (The Catholic Guy's funny, feeble attempts to be a faithful Catholic)
by Lino Rulli

If you don't know who Lino Rulli is (well that's a different topic), then you might find this book a bit of a shock at first. Not that he says anything controversial or against the faith, but just the opposite...he is real. He says the things we may be thinking, but might be to proud to admit. Lino's honesty is refreshing and needed in Catholic literature. (Yes, Lino Rulli has created Catholic literature. St. Rulli, I like the ring of that.)

Sinner guides us through Lino's Catholic spiritual journey. I applaud him not for taking the Protestant "I am a sinner, we are all sinners", but admitting how and why he is a sinner and showing how he is working to be the best Catholic that he can be.

Mr. Rulli (I like the ring of that too) uses his great story telling skills to let you into his life and his mind. At the end of each chapter, he is sure sure to leave you smiling, thinking, and pointed toward the Catholic faith.

This book probably be a fall of your horse like St. Paul type deal, but I love that Lino understands that we must follow God and play our part. Maybe this book just needs to change us a little bit, maybe this book was only written for one person, but this is God's will.

I will finish with a quote from his final chapter, "At the end of my life, I want to be able to say I fought the good fight, I finished the race." And isn't that all that really matters?

If you have SiriusXM Radio, tune into Lino as he hosts The Catholic Guy show.

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Rating: (out of 5)


Book Review: Santa's Secret Story

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Santa's Secret Story
by Cornelia Mary Bilinsky
Illustrated by Candace Camling

I have to say this is a great pic for a Christmas book.

It addresses the "issue of Santa" carefully. It does not say "Santa is real", but it brings the reader to learn the story of Saint Nicholas.

Before the story there is a beautiful Prayer to Saint Nicholas and after the story there is a brief biography of his life.

I "field tested" this story with my 4 children (ages 4-9) and they said they, "Loved it". Their favorite part was finding out "Santa's Secret". I also tried it on my 2nd grade catechism class and they enjoyed it as well. Win, win everywhere.

Again, a good story. Solid dialogue, easy for a child to understand, and not cheesy.

Rating:  (out of 5)

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Book Review: Rock-A My Soul

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Rock-A My Soul
An Invitation to Rock Your Religion
by David Nantais

David Nantais has managed to do some pretty amazing things in just 184 pages. He speaks of the history of rock, consumerism, social justice, faith, prayer, morality, and so much more.

Let's make this simple. If you are a fan of rock and you have ever wondered or questioned if rock music might be "bad", this is totally your book.

Nantais is a bigger music fan than any of us and he has definitely done his research, thinking, and praying.

A tiny spoiler alert, but I think you need to know this. Nantais does not consider rock evil and he has a very compelling case.

Rating: (out of 5)

David Nantais is a freelance writer and can be found here.


Book Review: Wholly Mary Mother of God

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Wholly Mary Mother of God
by Chris Padgett

Chris Padgett has long been a person I have looked up to as a father of 9, a strong Catholic, and a fellow musician to name just a few. This was my first chance to read one of his books.

Being 129 pages, this book is not meant to encapsulate everything Mary. But this book does a good job of hitting on many topics such as the Immaculate Conception, Marian apparitions, the Mother of God, the assumption, her virginity, and even protestant oppositions.

This would be a great book for people who are not familiar with many of these topics or people who don't see the need to honor Mary. If you are a big Mary "fan", then you won't find many ground breaking things here, but you will come away with something, which is what learning about our faith is about, right?

I loved the focus near the end of the book about family prayer and rosary. The need to be an example to our family and our children and to help create a foundation of prayer is much needed. Many times practical application is what is missing in books such as this, but Padgett brings it back home on this one.

Rating: (out of 5)

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Book Review: Between the Savior and the Sea

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Between the Savior and the Sea
by Bob Rice

We all know the Bible stories well that are in the novel Between the Savior and the Sea, but do they come to life for us?

Singer, songwriter, speaker, author, and all around awesome Catholic Bob Rice brings the gospels to life through the perspective of Peter. His writing draws us in and helps us see what Peter and other disciples may have been thinking.

The story contains the commissioning of Peter through the Resurrection of Jesus. Each chapter lists Bible verses so that you may read the real stories if you choose.

This book is an easy read and page turner. I feel this would be a great book for an avid pre-teen reader or confirmation student. Not that this is a child's book, but for the fact that it turns the Bible into a compelling story without being "preachy" or feeling like you are being forced to learn.

Rating: (out of 5)
Available in paperback, kindle, or audiobook here.

Book Trailer


Book Review: Travelers Along the Way by Fr. Benedict Groeschel

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Travelers Along the Way - The Men and Women Who Shaped My Life
by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.

Let's begin by saying that Fr. Groeschel is an amazing man. He has many followers, my mom included, and I first heard about him through the S.C.R.C. Catholic conference.

I am disappointed to say though, that this book was not for me. Even at being only 159 pages, I did not make it through the entire book. This being said, I am sure many people would enjoy, and could learn and grow from this book.

The back cover of the book does justice to what the book is, "Fr. Benedict Groeschel introduces you to the men and women who have influenced him over the course of his life." But for me, the stories were not intriguing and were a bit lackluster. I did not feel drawn into the stories.

Even as the back of the book states, "Some are unknown, such as Mr. Graff, a Jewish man who tailored the suit the young Groeschel would wear to the seminary: 'Look, I don't understand about monasteries, but I'll give you a piece of advice. Be a good boy." That was the highpoint of that story. It was a 4 page story that ended with him never seeing the man again and about how he will follow that advice.

The premise of the book is a good idea and it is awesome that a man such as this would let us into life and show us how he was shaped. I am sure that Fr. Groeschel fans would appreciate this book and I know that others can draw inspiration from the book, especially those who are interested in the priesthood or following God's will.

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Set Free To Love + Book Review

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Set Free To Love - Lives Changed by the Theology of the Body
by Marcel LeJeune

If you have not heard about or read Pope John Paul II's  Theology of the Body, then this book is for you. After reading this book, you will see the importance and feel the urge to rush out to the store and find the T of the B. But I have good news fellow nerds, you can just read it online for free here! (thanks to our good friends at EWTN). There is 129 short parts, why not make it a 129 day spiritual pilgrimage?

If you have read the T of the B, then this book won't really tell you anything you don't already know, but it will inspire you in your walk of living a chaste and pure life and give you real life stories of people who were also touched by the Theology.

For those of you who don't know what the Theology of the Body is: it is almost 5 years of Wednesday audiences of Pope John Paul II, from 1979-1884 and it covers, "sex, chastity, married life, celibacy, Trinitarian love, human dignity, the differences between men and women, and our ultimate purpose in life". Who could not use this?

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:
"I recognized in the teaching a call to conversion, and like every call to conversion, there are only two responses, yes and no."
"the body, and it alone, is capable of making visible what is invisible."
"Our sinful nature leads us to want to use others..."
Speaking of men and women: "In their differences they find what the other needs to be complete."
"I am called to die."
"God blessed women with a particular, powerful gift to lead others to him and to be a very reflection of his endless beauty."
"Within every woman is a 'garden enclosed," which deserves to be protected and preserved for only the Bridegroom."
"Women are warriors for life."

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Choosing the Right Urinal + Book Review

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Choosing the Right Urinal – A Man’s Guide to Life

A Micro Book By Kyle Heimann


Yes, the title may throw you off or make you think this book is a novelty, but it is a short, humorous, yet effective guide to becoming a better Catholic Christian man.

I love that this book is catering to men, but yet is not sexist, misogynistic, crude, or full of machismo. It has concise stories that will make you laugh, but bring you right to the heart of the matter. Kyle has a gift for relating great stories and writing great analogies that we can all relate to…i.e. the bathroom.

I think I may have to be a coauthor or contributor to a sequel to this book. This book left me wanting more and there is so much still to be discussed about the bathroom.


Even though this book is only 24 pages including pictures, Kyle was able to bring 7 great chapters and even have discussion and reflection questions at the end of each chapter. There is even a study guide that can accompany the book as well.


Check out this gem, “God has a plan for them and they have chosen a different path. Their path may be interesting and financially rewarding. It may fulfill a worldly notion of success, but it doesn’t bring them joy. They will always have a spot inside them that is uncomfortable and they may be making a mess of things . . . because they are standing at the wrong urinal.”

The puns in the book are awesome, such as the title of Chapter 4 – Where Are You Aiming?

I better not write anymore, or my review will be longer than the book.

Bottom line, the book is awesome, we need to support this great Catholic man and the book can be downloaded in pdf for free.

+ download the whole book (,pdf)

+ download the guide (to start a study group)

You can of course buy copies as well. So please visit his website  http://kyleheimann.com/urinal/ and support him. Also, check out his band Popple.

Rating: (out of 5)


Resisting the Devil + Book Review

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Resisting the Devil – A Catholic Perspective on Deliverance

by Neal Lozano


To cut to the chase, this book is not a page turner, but it is informational.

This book will explain the difference between deliverance, exorcism, obsession and oppression. It does give a few real life examples, but if like me, you were looking for awesome, crazy, mind blowing devil stories, then sadly they are not in this book.

If you feel that you are being tormented or influenced by the devil, this book will guide you. The only downside is that everything is of course a case by case basis, so that means no black and white answers.

Some of the book did seem over-obvious to me, such as the Eucharist and Reconciliation are 2 of our best tools against the devil. But on the other hand, any book that promotes our Most Blessed Eucharist and Reconciliation gets my vote.

Throughout the book, Lozano cites his other book, Unbound: A Catholic Guide to Deliverance. So it appears that book would be more in depth on practice, not just explanation (but I have not read that book).

I do love good devil/exorcism stories, so I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I did not put a plug in for 3 of my favorites An Exorcist Tell His Story and An Exorcist – More Stories, both by Gabriele Amorth and Interview With an Exorcist. These books will have you with the covers pulled over head scared, then you are yearning for more, then you are putting on your armor for battle.

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Rating: (out of 5)


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