Purity 365 + Daily Reflections on True Love + Book Review

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Purity 365 – Daily Reflections on True Love

by Jason Evert

This book is a must have. Observe:

+ Do you have (or know) a teenager?

+ Are you married or in a relationship?

+ Are you alive?

It doesn’t take a theologian to know that our purity and sexuality is attacked everyday. I love this book because it is straight and to the point. It gives the reader one great quote a day and then asks a different saint to pray for us each day. 

This book is not written by some old fogy who is out of touch. Jason Evert is amazing. He is the best speaker on purity that I have ever heard. He has dedicated his life to helping teens be chaste and love their boyfriend/girlfriend, future husband/wife. Jason has given talks to over 100,000 high school and college students internationally. No matter who you are, if you hear him, you will be moved. He practices what he preaches and is a great role model and warrior for the Church. Take a minute to check out YouTube and watch a video or two, you won’t be disappointed.

Parent Tip of the Day: If you teenager won’t read this book, you could easily text or email them the daily quote. Or…write it down and leave it for them on their pillow each day. This could get you back to writing a sweet note for your child each day, so they know you are.

You can find out more about Jason Evert on his website www.chastity.com or request him to speak at your parish/event http://www.catholic.com/seminars/evert.asp.

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Rating: (out of 5)


God likes Star Wars

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First off, I love the site TotallyLooksLike.com. (I warn you, if you click, you will loose a few hours of your life, but at least you will be laughing the whole time).


At first, I didn’t know what the picture was on the left. Yes, this could be a coincidence, or you could chalk it up to God has a sense of humor. I choose to say that God is a Star Wars fan. I just hope the baby doesn’t really end up coming out looking like the Emperor, especially if the baby is a girl .


What do you know about the warrior John Salza?

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vaticanguard Let me start off by saying this blog post in a part of Catholic Speakers Month. As we celebrate All Saints Day, we can help our faith and work on our sainthood by checking out 101 great Catholic speakers at FallibleBlogma. If you are not familiar with the website www.FallibleBlogma.com, (Catholic Social Commentary), that is another story.

Back to the topic at hand; no one would deny that we are in a spiritual battle. With every battle comes warriors. I am not talking about soldiers who just do their jobs and follow orders. I am talking about warriors who go above and beyond their call of duty, men and women who devote their lives for the battle of truth. One such warrior is John “Scripture” Salza (yes, I added scripture, but every good fighter needs a good name).

John Salza is an apologist for the Catholic faith, an author, a lawyer, a speaker, and creator of www.ScriptureCatholic.com. (For a full bio, go to http://www.scripturecatholic.com/john_salza.html.) Scripture Catholic has over 2,000 Scripture citations from the Old and New Testament that explain and defend the teachings of the Catholic Church. It also has hundreds of writings from early Church Fathers that clearly show that the early Church was indeed Catholic.

John has authored 5 books about the Catholic faith, which can seen here. He can be heard on Relevant Radio, on a show called Relevant Answers (hear 52 topics). You can watch YouTube videos where John exposes the evil of Freemasonry. I even did a book review for his book Masonry Unmasked.

God Bless you and please support Catholic Speakers Month.



Book Review: Bleeder…A Miracle? Or bloody murder?

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by John Desjarlais (http://www.johndesjarlais.com/)

This 272 page mystery has all that you need:

  • + well developed plot
  • + interesting characters
  • + no lag or drag
  • + twists and the unexpected
  • + murder, betrayal, suspense, love

…but most importantly:

This is a great novel by a Catholic author. Yes, I said it…fiction, mystery, by a Catholic author. Not only that, but it has a priest (with no mention of molestation)! But not just any priest, a priest with stigmata!

I liked the subtlety of the faith that ran through the pages. It didn’t hit you in the faith or distract from the story, but it came in at the right times. Here is my favorite part:

“As a loving Father, he knows what it is like to lose a son to death, and in the Son, he knows what it is like to be rejected, to be betrayed, to be hurt, to be afraid, to be lonely, and to die. And his suffering Mother has much to teach us about grace in sorrow. When we get to heaven and ask our Lord about suffering, he will perhaps, merely embrace us with his own pierced hands.”

I could tell you more, but why waste the time. Just buy this book, support a Catholic author, and then spread the word of the book to others.

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Rating: (out of 5)


Review: Last Call…Tim Staples CD set

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Last Call: The Catholic Teaching on Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell – 5 cd set by Tim Staples

I love Catholic Answers ( www.Catholic.com ) or their apologetics, their Catholic Forums, and their great speakers. Possibly my favorite Catholic speaker is Tim Staples. He converted from Protestantism in 1988 and has been on fire ever since. Not just any “on fire”, but the kind of “on fire” that only a good ol’ country boy from the south could be. If you ever get the chance to see him live, or bring him to your church, jump on the opportunity. His energy alone will bring your church alive.

But back to the review. This is an amazing cd set that kept me enthralled the entire time. Tim does a phenomenal job going through death, judgment, heaven, and hell. No matter how much you think you know about these 4 topics, you are bound to learn even more.

The only downside was the recording and cd quality. The recording was a little below par and had times where the audio level went up and down. The cd’s labels were actually stickers, and not printed, so the first disc got stuck in my car cd player because the disc was too thick with the label on it. But don’t worry, I got it out and was able to finish the set without any other worries!

Check out this cd set and other Catholic Answers speakers, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: (out of 5)

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Our Lady of Sorrows Feast Day

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Click for full-size free desktop wallpaper!

Today, September 15th is of course a special day, near and dear to my heart.

What could I possibly say to make you want to find out about the Seven Sorrows of Mary and her Sorrowful Heart?

Mary was, and is, instrumental to our salvation. She led a life that is an inspiration to all Christians. She is the mother of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. She was the one woman that God chose from all time to be the mother of his child.

But Mary has also suffered more than any other human on Earth. Any pain and sorrow that we have felt on this Earth, we can know that Mary endured much worse and did so with great love.

I want to keep this short, so I will lead you to a few places to find out more.

Also, feel free to email me with any questions or if you would like more thought on Our Lady to sevensorrows.com at gmail.com

If you ever want the son, remember, the mother can lead you to him.

Our Lady of Sorrows…Pray for us. Luke 2:35 “and you yourself a sword shall pierce…”


Book Review: Masonry Unmasked…

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An Insider reveals the Secrets of the Lodge

by John Salza

Sometimes, long and in depth reviews are great. But for this book, I think simplicity is the key. The Catholic author, John Salza, who is a former Freemason, gives and precise, yet easy to read book about why Freemasonry is wrong.

Yes, I said it, Freemasonry is wrong, a sin. I have known this for years, but was always unable to tell people why except: The Catholic Church is against it, it could cause excommunication. This did not work for my Protestant friends and information was hard to find.

Salza is a lawyer, so he methodically goes through each aspect of why a Christian should not be a Mason. I love a good conspiracy theory, but this book did not stoop to the level of using hearsay or rumors. Salza was a high ranking member, who went from his experiences, and Masonic writings. The book does enlighten the reader on secret rituals, passwords, and handshakes.

Granted, this book is not for you if you do not know any Masons and wouldn’t be able to recognize a Masonic symbol if you saw one. But if you have family members or friends who are Masons, this is a must read!

This review was written as part of the Catholic book Reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information, or to purchase Masonry Unmasked .

Rating: (out of 5)


This video makes me proud to be Catholic

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Click here to watch a short high quality video that shows some of the history of the Catholic Church. It shows some things that you might not know about the Church. It comes from the website Catholics Come Home a website that helps people who have lost the faith, or for those who just have questions about the faith. Thanks to by Nerdy Better Half for sending me the video.


Vote for my son’s video!

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You are a Catholic Nerd when…

you use your Catholic Blog to try to help your son win a video competition and claim it is related to the faith.

Jesus is the rock, my son made a video called Ready to Rock…just help him win.

You can vote here up to 10 times a day for the next week. His name is Joshua (age 7).

He is one of the 10 finalists in a Disney competition. Please spread the word. God Bless.


Book Review: A Guy's Guide to the Good Life: Virtues For Men

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A Guy's Guide to the Good Life: Virtues for Men, by Robert P. Lockwood, is a 145 page book that discusses the 7 virtues. Part one of the book is the cardinal virtues (prudence, fortitude, temperance, and justice) and part two being the theological virtues (faith, hope, and charity). Lockwood uses quotes from Dante as well as personal experiences to help the reader not only to understand the virtues better, but also to show the reader how they can be seen in life. I had high hopes for this book. 1) I am a guy. 2) I could use more of these virtues. 3) By the cover art I thought this book might be a throwback to the 50's (a time of Leave it to Beaver and simpler times). To say the least, I was very disappointed.

I am sorry to say that I had to force myself to finish this book. First, looking at the title, I thought it would be a book for...well guys. But after finishing the book I found myself wondering, "Which part was for guys?" Sure the book talked about beer, baseball, basketball, football, and eating, but that was about it.

Second, the book was basically all short stories. I don't have a problem with this, I will shed a tear with the rest of them over Chicken Soup for the Catholic Nerd, or Surprised by Truth books. This book was different. I felt like I had asked the 80 year old neighbor to tell me about how he met his wife and then was barraged with 50 long, seemingly unrelated, stories. Some stories would branch off into other stories, then come back to the original story, but then leave me confused and wondering what it had to do with the topic at hand.

Here is one condensed example. Lockwood tells us that he listens to a folk station in his car, but only when his wife isn't around. He explains that he is not a revolutionary or stuck in the 60's. When he was a kid Burl Ives did a popular take on "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" and talked about a land full of candy for children. He tells us that the original song was much more dreary and was a land of cigarettes and alcohol. The story continues of a time when he was 6 years old at Trout Lake and he was coaxed into singing by his "old man". What song did he sing? Nope, not "The Big Rock Candy Mountain", he sang "Sixteen Tons". He sang this sad song as a happy tune. He said he sang it because it was the only secular song he knew. He ends the story by saying that old folk music reaches out to us. What virtue was this for? Give up? Justice.

I don't want to babble on, but I didn't feel that the author relevant stories and he did not explain his stories well. But with Christ we can turn all things into something positive. The book does show what the 7 virtues are, and the reader will (at least to some degree) understand what they are.

Rating: (out of 5)

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Pope vs. Playboy - Where Do You Stand?

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If you don't know Christopher West, he is an awesome Catholic speaker and author who is best known for helping us to better understand the great and prolific work of Pope John Paul II, Theology of the Body. Check out this clip of one of his speeches where he helps us to understand the introduction of Playboy into our society and the beauty of our bodies.

If you want an excellent book that will totally change your view on sex and marriage (in a good way), check out Christopher West's book Good News About Sex and Marriage


How Much is Jesus Worth to You?

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You are a Catholic Nerd when you get excited by things such as this...jesustile

This may be a time of recession, but if you are feeling generous or frivolous, I could use $150,000. Yes, this is the starting bid on eBay for this 18"x18" tile that appears to depict Christ's crucifixion. If you do actually visit the eBay page it says "The more you look at it, the more you see." Is it my mind playing tricks on me, or is God showing me something?

Here is what I saw: (you can play along at home)

  • Jesus looking down

  • Holy Spirit (dove)

  • Angel/ghost

  • 2 more possible faces (on on Jesus' chest and one to the right of him)

Ok, yes I am a nerd and I actually love this type of stuff. Yes, I loved Mary in the grill cheese too.

But seriously, what if this was real? What if this was purposely made by God? Who was it made for, and why? What would a miracle be worth?

Hoax or not, coincidence or not, if it brings us to think of Jesus and his suffering and sacrifice for us, isn't it worth it?


May - The Month of Mary - Rosary Videos

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It is May, the month of Our Lady and what would please her more than to draw closer to her son by praying the rosary. It is such a beautiful prayer. Simple, yet profound. Life changing. Miracle working. My life would not be the same without it. Here are 2 short videos to help motivate you.

This second video has a slow start, and a few strange translations, but please don't let this discourage you. It is profound.


Good Friday + Our Lady of Sorrows = Great Devotion

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ladyofsorrowsOne of my biggest devotions is to Our Lady of Sorrows. Yes, I am talking about Mary, the first Christian, the mother of Our Lord. I know that many of you will be busy this day of Our Lord's death, so I will keep this short and to the point.

God gave us a perfect human example to help lead our life. She was not divine, but she helps to lead us to the Divine.

Mary had Seven Sorrows, seven incidents in her life with immense sadness. No sorrow that we could ever experience in our lives could compare to Mary's sorrow. Here is a quick rundown of each of her sorrows:

  1. The Prophecy of Simeon over the Infant Jesus. (Luke 2:34)

  2. The Flight into Egypt of the Holy Family. (Matthew 2:13)

  3. The Loss of the Child Jesus for Three Days. (Luke 2:43)

  4. The Meeting of Jesus and Mary along the Way of the Cross. (Luke 23:26)

  5. The Crucifixion where Mary stands at the foot of the cross. (John 19:25)

  6. The Descent from the Cross where Mary receives the dead body of Jesus in her arms. (Matthew 27:57)

  7. The Burial of Jesus. (John 19:40)

Here are some great devotions and prayers to Our Lady of Sorrows. Here are the 7 sorrows and their bible verses with pictures.

Mary kept her faith through all of her pain, she did not complain, she did not doubt God. God gave us the perfect example (person) to show us not only how to deal with our pain, but how to embrace it, how to help it bring us closer to Christ.

If we love, we will suffer for others willingly and gratefully. Where were all of Jesus' thousands of disciples when he was on the cross, where were his 12 apostles as he lay dying? Did they run away, did they hide, did they deny Christ as Peter did, or did they just chose to save themselves some pain from watching their savior die? God's mother was there, she wanted to be there, she wanted to participate in Christ's suffering.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

Ok, great, go to Seven Sorrows Catholic band.


Book Picks

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Someday I will add my favorite Catholic books here, because you know that nerds love books. I even love sniffing books. Yes, I am a book sniffer as well as a bookworm.

I promise not to have the world's longest book list. This is a concise list with a short explanation.

Our Lady of Kibeho: Mary Speaks to the World from the Heart of Africa by Immaculee Ilibagiza + amazing Church approved Marian apparition of Mary (Our Lady of Sorrows), and how the millions slaughtered by genocide in Rwanda could have been prevented.

An Exorcist Tells His Story and An Exorcist: More Stories (this is part 2) by Father Gabriele Amorth + Incredible first hand story of exorcisms and the power of the devil. Your eyes will be opened and you will never see sin or the devil the same again.

Pierced by a Sword, Conceived Without Sin, House of Gold by Bud Mcfarlane + These 3 novels are Catholic Fiction, yes it does exist. These are not only well written compelling stories, but they will bring you closer in your faith and walk with Christ. You can get all 3 novels for free, yes seriously, but you should donate :-)

Interview With an Exorcist: An Insider's Look at the Devil, Demonic Possession, and the Path to Deliverance by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea + A question answer format from a world renound (Catholic of course) exorcist who has done hundreds of exorcisms. I actually was blessed enough to have seen him speak a few years ago at Petrus.

This book will totally open your eyes and change your mind (in a good way) about sex and marriage. It is very easy to read, very understandable, yet very good explanations. No matter how much you already know about the Church's teachings you are bound to come out with a richer understanding which helps you love your spouse and God even more.

More to come, but seriously, how many books can you read at once. If you run out, bug me.


Drunkeness and sin...Happy Saint Patrick's Day indeed.

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green_beer_400Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I post today not to be a killjoy, but to keep our eyes on Christ. I know that our American culture has taught us that today is a day to to get drunk...but why must we do so?

This is a day to remember a great saint. Saint Patrick grew up in 5th century Britain. At age 16 he was captured and made a slave in Ireland. Six years later he escaped and returned to Britain. He became a priest and later a bishop. He felt God was calling him to return to Ireland, so he did just that and was a missionary there for over 30 years, where he built churches, monestaries and helped to spread the faith to tens of thousands of people.

Living as a slave helped him to return to prayer. It had helped his faith to grow. It helped him to appreciate and love Christ even more. Let us take his example during lent to help us reflect on our own lives. Let us not hate the people who have wronged and offended us, but let us show them the love and forgiveness that Christ has shown us. Let us show them how to be the better person. Let us take a situation that seems bleak and show the world what can be done out of love.

Let us remember what the bible teaches us. The Letter to the Galatianstells us: "Now the works of the flesh are plain: fornication, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, factions, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and the like. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God."

So today, as everyday, let us honor God and fulfill the plan he has made for us. Let this not be a day that we commit each of those sins in the name of a good time.

Saint Patrick...pray for us.


What are you protesting?

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luther2I had a short conversation the other day with a Christian who didn't know what a Protestant was, much less know that they are a Protestant.

Quick Lesson: Protestant means protesting. Who are these Christians protesting? The Catholic Church. Martin Luther is one of the main reasons for the Protestant Reformation. He left the Catholic Church, the Lutheran religion was formed.

So if people are still protesting the Catholic Church, do they know what they are protesting? Martin Luther had his 95 theses. Take a minute to read through and see how you line up.

It seems to me that each year Christians are protesting more and more. It seems that protestants are even protesting protestants. Our society teaches us to reject things we don't like and to find something we do like.

Is this what God wanted? Is this what Jesus planned when he chose his 12 apostles and started the first church? Jesus was a Jew, a perfect Jew. He did not rebel against his religion, he embraced it, he fulfilled it. When we are protesting...who are we really protesting?

Are people protesting people, religion, institutions, or are we merely justifying our disobidience against God?


Octomom vs. Serial Killer

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octomomI know you are probably sick of this topic, but that is what nerds are known for...bringing up topics after the rest of the world is tired of them.

I too am tired of all the talk, I am tired of flawed logic, and tired of 1/2 morality or double standard morality.

Here are a few things to think about while chewing on your pen...

+People are angry that Nadya had 8 children at once, not to mention the fact that she already had 6 children. They then go on to complain that she should not have been allowed to have that many children.

But it all boils down to this...in vitro fertilization is a sin, yes, it is wrong. I am not here to discuss why, another day, another post...but I will give you a twist on the story...

+People are actually mad that Nadya didn't have selective reduction. If you do not understand, it means that people are angry that Nadya didn't kill the "extra" babies inside after in vitro fertilization. In not so many words, people are saying they would have preferred Nadya to become a serial killer than to do what she did by bringing life into the world. I am not saying she is right...I am just saying.

+People are angry that Nadya implanted the already fertilized eggs into her body. They would rather have had those future babies floating frozen on a shelf.

When we no longer have a firm moral ground to stand on, we can't get mad when the house shakes.


Rapture - who is getting taken?

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raptureAlmost nothing bothers a nerd more than false information.

Again, all of my blog posts are meant to be short, so I'll try to keep it that way.

It seems that in these hard times, more and more Christians are talking about the end times. There was even a 3 day huge conference that just took place in Southern California. This inevitably brings up the Rapture.

What most Christians don't know is that the idea of Jesus taking away all the saved and leaving the sinners is not even 200 years old. (You could read more about John Nelson Darby (1800-1882). Moreover, most Christians had not even heard of the Rapture (much less believed it) until only about 30 years ago.

So why is it that today it is accepted by virtually all Protestant Christians? (somewhat rhetorical question)

Only 2 points I wish to make:

1) Read 1 Thessalonians 5:2-4"for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night." If Jesus comes down on clouds, trumpets blaring, and the devil wrecking things for 1000 years, I have the wrong idea of "thieves in the night." A theif sneak into a house unknown, cause the least amount of ruckus, without waking anyone. Plus, if all this was going down, wouldn't all the non-believers immediately confess Jesus as their savior so they could go too?

2) Read Luke 17: 20-34, "As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man", then later "Similarly, as it was in the days of Lot", yet again later the Bible states, "I tell you, on that night there will be two people in one bed; one will be taken, the other left." When we think of Noah and the city of Sodom, who was left behind? Yes, it was the good/faithful people that were left behind.


Catholic Musicians on Twitter

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You know you are a Catholic Nerd when...

you get excited that you are listed first on a Catholic Musician/bands list.

You don't have to get excited for me, but you could find some Catholic musicians/bands that you can follow on Twitter.

UPDATE: Now I'm mentioned on the Catholic Rocker's Podcast #75 - Guitars at 12:23 to be exact *nerd laugh*


Amazing Pro-Life Speech by a 12 year old girl

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Yes, this story is now a month old, but hey...nerds get busy. Plus, since not quite 1/2 million people have viewed this video...you may not have seen it yet.

This brave, well spoken, 7th grade girl gives an outstanding 5 minute speech for a school competition.

View the full story.

Let us pray for her that she continues to be a voice for the unborn, a soldier for Christ.

We should be inspired and strive to raise our children to be such well spoken advocates of life and Christ. We should be humbled when we see what even the youngest of Christ's followers can do when we follow His will.


Tweet Catholic - Do you have Catholic Tweet Cred?

Every so often I will share with you the best Catholic stuff I can find, this is what I call the Catholic Cutting Edge (possible new website? :-) )

Are you a nerd like me?

+Do you worry about how popular you are on the Internet?

+Would you like to find out who the most followed Catholic people are on Twitter? Now is your chance.

The brand new site Tweet Catholic that you can see your rank, find other Catholics on Twitter and follow a feed of all the Catholics. It is easy to sign-up. So find out how much Tweet Cred you have.

In case you are wondering, on my first day today, I am ranked number 134. I guess that just once again proves that nerds aren't popular :-(


Saint Valentine's Moral Massacre

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StValentinemosaicWe know as Christians we are called to live our faith, to not be ashamed, and to spread God's word to all nations. But it seems that as the years go by, more and more is being taken from us.

Let us reclaim Saint Valentine's Day. First, let's put "Saint" back in the name. (On the same note, let's put "God" back in "God Bless You" when you hear a sneeze).

Tell others the story of Saint Valentine. He was a priest in Rome who was imprisoned for giving aid to martyrs in prison. He even is said to have cured his jailer's daughter who was blind. Her family then converted to Christianity. He was also said to have passed a note to the jailer's daughter and it read "from your Valentine". He was later beaten and beheaded for his faith.

There are many stories about Saint Valentine, but no matter what you hear, you will be pointed to Christ.

So what has Saint Valentine's Day become?

Men and women in our country are both pressured into the new meaning of this holiday. A man's worth is judged by how romantic he is on this day and what he bought his Valentine. A woman, well we don't want to say what she would be pressured to do on Valentine's day.

If a man or woman doesn't have a date on this day, he/she is looked down upon. Does God choose us all for married life? No, so why should we feel pressured into this?

A day that was a feast day in the Church, a day to celebrate the Patron Saint of Love has become a day of sin. Premarital sex, lust, drunkenness, greed, envy, must I go on? And let's not even delve into the topic of this being the "Cheater's Holiday", a time when the most men are caught cheating on their wives and girlfriends.

If this is a day for lovers, the best way that we can show someone that we love them, is to be the light of Christ. We are to lead our spouse to heaven, not drag them down. This should be a day that we thank God for the love he has helped us share, not a day that we disgrace his plans for us.

Saint Valentine, pray for us.

P.S. Yes, I am married, and yes I am celebrating with my wife. :-)


Searching For Heroes

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We all need role models and the world needs heroes, but we must be careful where we place our trust.

If we place all of our trust in humans, then we are bound to be let down. In an age where everyone has a cell phone, a camera, a computer, word travels fast. We place the famous under microscopes and then cry once we find out they have cracks.

And why is it that we constantly look to athletes and movie stars as our guides? Why does being able to swim fast, or being able to act in front of a camera, make them people to look up to for matters of right and wrong? What happened to the days of using morality and character to be our guides?

We are only setting ourselves up for failure. We need to focus on the One who is perfect. All others will fail. Nobody is perfect and we shouldn't expect them to be.


It Doesn't Take a Genius...

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to figure out why our economy is plummeting. Well ok, maybe it does...but have you wondered about this?

If our country and our government are in such bad financial times, then why is our government giving out $40 coupons for people to watch tv?

Did you know that they are planning to give out 33.5 million coupons? *Catholic Nerd doing quick math* That is $1,340,000,000. $1.34 billion?We are falling in the midst of a recession and our government is worried about us watching tv?

Should we not be worried about ending the war, saving and creating jobs, educating our young, caring for our elderly...

I don't even know what to say.
UPDATE: Just found out that $650 million more will be allocated for coupons in the proposed stimulus package. Oh man...


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