Book Review: God's on the Phone

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God's on the Phone - Stories of Grade in Action

by Regis J. Flaherty

This book follows an easy pattern:
-short entertaining or heartfelt story
-points to ponder
-discussion questions and action steps

As you can see, this pattern can be used for many things.
- read one chapter a day on your own (conveniently 30 chapters)
- read with a spouse
- use with a bible study or prayer group
- use with a youth group/confirmation class

This book is an easy read an has stories that everyone can relate to. Yes, there was even a punk rock/moshing story!

Great easy read, worth your time and money.

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Rating:  (out of 5)


Catholic Short Prayers App

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Catholic Short Prayers App
iTunes - $1.99

Sure, I know some of you out there don't like spending money on apps, but give this one a chance.

  • over 50 Catholic SHORT prayers. Yes, short.
  • option to share over all popular social networks
  • optional daily reminder for each prayer, who couldn't use this?
  • shake device for random prayer
  • designed for both iPhone/iPod and iPad
  • pictures with each prayer
What's not to like?


Scriptural Rosary App

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Scriptural Rosary App
iTunes - $1.99

I know there are many rosary apps out there, but I do like this one. Let's cut to the chase:

  • rated 4+ in iTunes app store
  • designed for both iPhone/iPod and iPad
  • all 4 mysteries of the rosary (automatic to the day, but can also choose)
  • picture for each decade
  • short scripture verse for each "Hail Mary"
  • easy to navigate
  • easy enough for a child, good enough for a nerd!
  • option to change to Latin prayers, or bible version
  • includes the Fruit of the Mystery for each mystery
  • option to change font size
  • includes prayers before the rosary
  • can share to all major social networking sites


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