Children's Book Review: Fun With the Holy Family

Posted by sevensorrows on 2:27 PM
Fun With the Holy Family
Coloring and Activity Book

Being of father of 4 can be difficult, especially when their energy and tiredness is rearing it's head during mass. This book can definitely help.

My kindergartner and first grader love this book, but children of any age could have fun. The pictures lend themselves nicely to be colored, but they also have many activities such as grid drawing,  object searches, unscrambling words, mazes, dot-to-dot, number games, crossword puzzles, word searches, matching, and even more!

With 64 pages, it will keep your child engaged for a long time and of course it is all faith based, so it lends to great conversations and stories. And don't worry parents, they even have the answers listed in the back of the book.

Teachers and catechists, the copyright of this book even allows you to photocopy pages to use in your classroom!

Rating:  (of of 5)

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Book Review: God's on the Phone

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God's on the Phone - Stories of Grade in Action

by Regis J. Flaherty

This book follows an easy pattern:
-short entertaining or heartfelt story
-points to ponder
-discussion questions and action steps

As you can see, this pattern can be used for many things.
- read one chapter a day on your own (conveniently 30 chapters)
- read with a spouse
- use with a bible study or prayer group
- use with a youth group/confirmation class

This book is an easy read an has stories that everyone can relate to. Yes, there was even a punk rock/moshing story!

Great easy read, worth your time and money.

This review was written as part of the Catholic book reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on God's on the Phone. This is also a great Catholic gift store for all your seasonal shopping needs, such as Christian wedding gifts and Catholic Garden Gifts.

Rating:  (out of 5)


Catholic Short Prayers App

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Catholic Short Prayers App
iTunes - $1.99

Sure, I know some of you out there don't like spending money on apps, but give this one a chance.

  • over 50 Catholic SHORT prayers. Yes, short.
  • option to share over all popular social networks
  • optional daily reminder for each prayer, who couldn't use this?
  • shake device for random prayer
  • designed for both iPhone/iPod and iPad
  • pictures with each prayer
What's not to like?


Scriptural Rosary App

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Scriptural Rosary App
iTunes - $1.99

I know there are many rosary apps out there, but I do like this one. Let's cut to the chase:

  • rated 4+ in iTunes app store
  • designed for both iPhone/iPod and iPad
  • all 4 mysteries of the rosary (automatic to the day, but can also choose)
  • picture for each decade
  • short scripture verse for each "Hail Mary"
  • easy to navigate
  • easy enough for a child, good enough for a nerd!
  • option to change to Latin prayers, or bible version
  • includes the Fruit of the Mystery for each mystery
  • option to change font size
  • includes prayers before the rosary
  • can share to all major social networking sites


Book Review: Tattoos on the Heart

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Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion
by Father Gregory Boyle

Straight up: This book is a life changer.

We have all either experienced some sort of gang (gang activity) firsthand, or gone out of your way to avoid it. This book is not only an eye opener, it opens the heart, after which it will never be closed.

Fr. Boyle is a modern-day walking saint. Even just through this book, he has changed my life. He has done what so severely needs to be done: humanize gangsters.

He puts a story behind the faces: touching stories, stories of longing for Christ, searching, yearning. I can't tell you how many times I cried throughout this book.

You must read this; buy this for others. Support this man and his ventures.

He takes in gangsters and ex-convicts and gives them jobs and teaches them live skills, how to live, how to love. He treats them as they should be treated...with a father's love.

he has showed them Christ and in the process, showed us what kind of people we need to be.

Fr. Boyle is nationally known and I know one day he will be known everywhere. He is to gangsters what Mother Teresa was to the poor.

God bless you Father Boyle and all those who you touch.

Rating: (out of 5)

Order Tattoos on the Heart on Amazon
Father Boyle's Homeboy Industries


Book Review: Padre Pio's Spiritual Direction for Every Day

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Padre Pio's Spiritual Direction for Every Day
by Gianluigi Pasquale

This treasure trove has a short writing from padre Pio for each day of the year. Each quote is no more than a page, so this book is great for even the busiest of us.

Padre Pio was very connected to suffering and that which damages us the most and offends Christ. Every page feels like I am getting a look into Christ's heart.

For those of you who love quotes, every page is a goldmine. This book could even be a straight read. I know that I didn't want to wait until the next day to gain more insight.

For all of you looking to "add a little extra" to your lent, this is your ticket.
Rating: (out of 5)
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