How Much is Jesus Worth to You?

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You are a Catholic Nerd when you get excited by things such as this...jesustile

This may be a time of recession, but if you are feeling generous or frivolous, I could use $150,000. Yes, this is the starting bid on eBay for this 18"x18" tile that appears to depict Christ's crucifixion. If you do actually visit the eBay page it says "The more you look at it, the more you see." Is it my mind playing tricks on me, or is God showing me something?

Here is what I saw: (you can play along at home)

  • Jesus looking down

  • Holy Spirit (dove)

  • Angel/ghost

  • 2 more possible faces (on on Jesus' chest and one to the right of him)

Ok, yes I am a nerd and I actually love this type of stuff. Yes, I loved Mary in the grill cheese too.

But seriously, what if this was real? What if this was purposely made by God? Who was it made for, and why? What would a miracle be worth?

Hoax or not, coincidence or not, if it brings us to think of Jesus and his suffering and sacrifice for us, isn't it worth it?



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