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Purity 365 – Daily Reflections on True Love

by Jason Evert

This book is a must have. Observe:

+ Do you have (or know) a teenager?

+ Are you married or in a relationship?

+ Are you alive?

It doesn’t take a theologian to know that our purity and sexuality is attacked everyday. I love this book because it is straight and to the point. It gives the reader one great quote a day and then asks a different saint to pray for us each day. 

This book is not written by some old fogy who is out of touch. Jason Evert is amazing. He is the best speaker on purity that I have ever heard. He has dedicated his life to helping teens be chaste and love their boyfriend/girlfriend, future husband/wife. Jason has given talks to over 100,000 high school and college students internationally. No matter who you are, if you hear him, you will be moved. He practices what he preaches and is a great role model and warrior for the Church. Take a minute to check out YouTube and watch a video or two, you won’t be disappointed.

Parent Tip of the Day: If you teenager won’t read this book, you could easily text or email them the daily quote. Or…write it down and leave it for them on their pillow each day. This could get you back to writing a sweet note for your child each day, so they know you are.

You can find out more about Jason Evert on his website www.chastity.com or request him to speak at your parish/event http://www.catholic.com/seminars/evert.asp.

This review was written as part of the Catholic book Reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Purity 365.

Rating: (out of 5)



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