It Doesn't Take a Genius...

Posted by sevensorrows on 12:00 PM in

to figure out why our economy is plummeting. Well ok, maybe it does...but have you wondered about this?

If our country and our government are in such bad financial times, then why is our government giving out $40 coupons for people to watch tv?

Did you know that they are planning to give out 33.5 million coupons? *Catholic Nerd doing quick math* That is $1,340,000,000. $1.34 billion?We are falling in the midst of a recession and our government is worried about us watching tv?

Should we not be worried about ending the war, saving and creating jobs, educating our young, caring for our elderly...

I don't even know what to say.
UPDATE: Just found out that $650 million more will be allocated for coupons in the proposed stimulus package. Oh man...



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