Saint Valentine's Moral Massacre

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StValentinemosaicWe know as Christians we are called to live our faith, to not be ashamed, and to spread God's word to all nations. But it seems that as the years go by, more and more is being taken from us.

Let us reclaim Saint Valentine's Day. First, let's put "Saint" back in the name. (On the same note, let's put "God" back in "God Bless You" when you hear a sneeze).

Tell others the story of Saint Valentine. He was a priest in Rome who was imprisoned for giving aid to martyrs in prison. He even is said to have cured his jailer's daughter who was blind. Her family then converted to Christianity. He was also said to have passed a note to the jailer's daughter and it read "from your Valentine". He was later beaten and beheaded for his faith.

There are many stories about Saint Valentine, but no matter what you hear, you will be pointed to Christ.

So what has Saint Valentine's Day become?

Men and women in our country are both pressured into the new meaning of this holiday. A man's worth is judged by how romantic he is on this day and what he bought his Valentine. A woman, well we don't want to say what she would be pressured to do on Valentine's day.

If a man or woman doesn't have a date on this day, he/she is looked down upon. Does God choose us all for married life? No, so why should we feel pressured into this?

A day that was a feast day in the Church, a day to celebrate the Patron Saint of Love has become a day of sin. Premarital sex, lust, drunkenness, greed, envy, must I go on? And let's not even delve into the topic of this being the "Cheater's Holiday", a time when the most men are caught cheating on their wives and girlfriends.

If this is a day for lovers, the best way that we can show someone that we love them, is to be the light of Christ. We are to lead our spouse to heaven, not drag them down. This should be a day that we thank God for the love he has helped us share, not a day that we disgrace his plans for us.

Saint Valentine, pray for us.

P.S. Yes, I am married, and yes I am celebrating with my wife. :-)



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