Octomom vs. Serial Killer

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octomomI know you are probably sick of this topic, but that is what nerds are known for...bringing up topics after the rest of the world is tired of them.

I too am tired of all the talk, I am tired of flawed logic, and tired of 1/2 morality or double standard morality.

Here are a few things to think about while chewing on your pen...

+People are angry that Nadya had 8 children at once, not to mention the fact that she already had 6 children. They then go on to complain that she should not have been allowed to have that many children.

But it all boils down to this...in vitro fertilization is a sin, yes, it is wrong. I am not here to discuss why, another day, another post...but I will give you a twist on the story...

+People are actually mad that Nadya didn't have selective reduction. If you do not understand, it means that people are angry that Nadya didn't kill the "extra" babies inside after in vitro fertilization. In not so many words, people are saying they would have preferred Nadya to become a serial killer than to do what she did by bringing life into the world. I am not saying she is right...I am just saying.

+People are angry that Nadya implanted the already fertilized eggs into her body. They would rather have had those future babies floating frozen on a shelf.

When we no longer have a firm moral ground to stand on, we can't get mad when the house shakes.



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