What are you protesting?

Posted by sevensorrows on 12:31 PM
luther2I had a short conversation the other day with a Christian who didn't know what a Protestant was, much less know that they are a Protestant.

Quick Lesson: Protestant means protesting. Who are these Christians protesting? The Catholic Church. Martin Luther is one of the main reasons for the Protestant Reformation. He left the Catholic Church, the Lutheran religion was formed.

So if people are still protesting the Catholic Church, do they know what they are protesting? Martin Luther had his 95 theses. Take a minute to read through and see how you line up.

It seems to me that each year Christians are protesting more and more. It seems that protestants are even protesting protestants. Our society teaches us to reject things we don't like and to find something we do like.

Is this what God wanted? Is this what Jesus planned when he chose his 12 apostles and started the first church? Jesus was a Jew, a perfect Jew. He did not rebel against his religion, he embraced it, he fulfilled it. When we are protesting...who are we really protesting?

Are people protesting people, religion, institutions, or are we merely justifying our disobidience against God?



where did this originate from?

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